Keto Cookbook for Beginners the Complete Guide

No matter if you are cooking for one, two or ten people, you'll always know how many ingredients you need. Without waste. Only in this collection, there is a BONUS a 30-day Meal Plan that will help you start your ketogenic diet right away.

Keto Cookbook for Beginners   the Complete Guide

Keto Cookbook for Beginners the Complete Guide

★All the knowledge of six books, now collected in one large cookbook. - A STEAL at only $11.76!★ Nowadays the Ketogenic Diet is mentioned by everyone: Actors, sportsmen, and ordinary people like you and I, have taken advantage of this revolutionary method to lose weight effortlessly. Hundreds of blogs, websites, magazines, and books out there are talking about the unquestionable advantages of this diet, and they all have the pretense of teaching you the perfect recipes, that you can quickly prepare at home, without spending a fortune and would be able to satisfy even the most demanding Master Chef judges in the world. I mean, the ketogenic diet world is a real jungle, and if you're a novice, if you don't have a lot of cooking experience, and maybe it's the first time you're trying to follow a weight-loss diet, unraveling this overdose of information will become a frustrating experience and you may soon become convinced that the keto diet is not the right for you. But this cookbook is here to help you! The KETO COOKBOOK FOR BEGINNERS- THE COMPLETE GUIDE is really for beginners and collects in a single book all the experience of 6 other recipe books specific to the keto diet. After a brief introduction on what, how and why the ketogenic diet is exactly what you are looking for, the author, Victoria Sandler will help you discover hundreds of delicious low-carb, high-fat recipes. All recipes are organized by sections that are easy to consult and are equipped with a practical index. You will always find the one you are looking for. Meat, fish, vegetables, desserts... you name it, it's here! With a thousand recipes, you can cook every day for a year or more without eating the same thing twice. All recipes include nutritional information so you can always tell how many calories you are consuming. The preparation information is clear and perfect for beginners in the kitchen. You can prepare all the dishes without becoming crazy trying to understand what to do. In addition, the beautiful images attached to many recipes will help you to get an idea of the result even before you start. The handy table will help you understand different weights and sizes. No matter if you are cooking for one, two or ten people, you'll always know how many ingredients you need. Without waste. Only in this collection, there is a BONUS a 30-day Meal Plan that will help you start your ketogenic diet right away. Even if you are already an expert cook, or if you have been following this method successfully for years, or maybe you are just looking for new ideas... in this cookbook you will surely find some recipes that you have never seen before. Great Deal for a Great Book! Don't waste any more time, steal it at the lowest price possible, buy it for you or your friends by clicking on the BUY NOW button right now!

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55%OFF for Bookstores! NOW at $36.95 instead of $47.95! The ketogenic diet is one of the most popular weight loss programs. Help your clients lose weight in a healthy, quick & easy, they will never stop using this fantastic cookbook!

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