-Rick Hanson, PhD, psychologist and NYT bestselling author of Buddha's Brain

Informed by Snyder's experiential understanding, and suitable for those at any level of meditation practice, Buddha's Heart leads us step-by-step through

Buddha's Heart teaches what seems counterintuitive but is undeniably true: the more we open our hearts, the more resilient and flexible we are. And the more authentically vulnerable we are, the safer and more protected we become.

"Stephen's original framing of classical Theravada teachings will inspire practitioners to explore unfathomed depths of their own tender hearts."

-Karin Meyers, PhD, Academic Director, Mangalam Research Center for Buddhist Languages

"A deep dive into the heart of who we truly are."

-Loch Kelly, meditation teacher, psychotherapist, and author of The Way of Effortless Mindfulness

"Buddha's Heart speaks to meditators at all levels with a grace, eloquence, and thoroughness seldom found."

-Susie Harrington, meditation teacher, Desert Dharma

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Buddha's Heart

Stephen Snyder


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